April 2019


What is a new little tool I made this month, that tracks what I’m working on at the moment. These monthly updates often have summaries of things I’ve started or finished or want to talk about, but they don’t have everything and they don’t really do any good job at showing continuity or breaks or anything.

What is not limited to fiction or software work, and has a space within each entry for “media” links, i.e. Twitter threads about the activity. That also acts as a kind of archive and historical reference.

So here you go! Watch me work away: what.passcod.name.


I’ve started work on a browser extension to make reading, stats-ing, and managing fanfics easier! I hope to be done sometime next month, and am working on it in between working on…

Notify 5.0

Not the Notify 5.0 vaporware release I’ve been talking for the past two years, but an actual, made of real code, Notify release! It’s a big refactoring that will fix a bunch of issues and open some cool possibilities…

but honestly? At the core it’s not even about that. This work and this release is about me getting re-acquainted with the codebase as it stands today, and bringing it forward to the standard I want it to be at now. I didn’t know how most of the library worked until a few weeks ago. Obviously that made supporting and maintaining it hard. So now I’ve got a much more solid knowledge and I’m improving that every day.

This is both hard to admit, to myself too, and it’s not something I feel comfortable sharing on or near the project itself (not very inspiring!), but I feel okay sharing it here, and maybe I’ll work up to putting it out to a wider audience over time, too.