The Road to Hell

12 August 2015

We are walking on the road to hell
we are walking on the road to hell.

We come from the worlds behind us,
we come from the worlds of people,
we come from a thousand paradises.

We are walking on the road to hell
fleeing from your tyranny, your hate,
your words, your guns, your utopia.

We are fleeing proudly, finally tired
of living with you, near you, for you.

Enjoy your paradise, for we will not
be coming back, not return, not ever.

We were your dark suns, your bright suns,
your voices of happiness, your shining
lights dancing to the sound of a hundred
drums, your castles in your minds, your
every thought and dream, your precious
precious colour in your black and white

We were the black and the white and the
everything in between, and the every tint.

You built your worlds for us, for you,
bastions of freedom, fortresses of beauty.

You closed the roads, collapsed the gates,
showed us the door yet kept us behind bars.

You said you loved us while beating on our
homes with your rams of steel, you said you
would help us while screaming you abhored us.

You built palaces of fear, you built theme
parks dedicated to making you feel justfied.

We were like the wind, breathing life through
windmills, and you were a giant Don Quixote,
raving madly about the threat we posed you.

We are walking on the road to hell
You can stop us no longer
We are walking away
Away from you
Away forever