June 2017


Found and binged Wilde Life, about a kind? lost? man running from his old life to a tiny town in Oklahoma… only to find himself embroiled into the affairs of a typical teenager who’s also a werewolf, at least three witches, talking animals, asshole bears, and the odd ghost or two. It’s beautifully drawn, cute and amusing and seriously good.


Apparently I’m trying to read the entire Star Wars fanficdom on AO3. Or at least, those that catch my eye in the listings. Still firmly avoiding certain eww pairings. Briefly dipped into Thor fics as well. A lot of (delicious) NSFW.

Rogue One fics I want to read but haven’t gotten to yet because I’m taking a break from this crew full of feels

And then I burnt out on SW for a bit, so here’s my remaining to-read / to-look-at list