May 2018


I turned a quarter century, which… actually it sounded pretty cool in my head and even aloud but now it just sounds o l d. I’m still the youngest at work, somehow. Even counting the “intern”. I can only assume that won’t last.

I got myself a reMarkable, of which I had high expectations, and it performs even better than I thought. I’ve been wanting a tool like this basically since forever, and I think it will fill a gap in my tooling that nothing I’d ever tried really came close to.

From others, I got chocolate and alcohol and live Jazz, which was pretty good.

Keyboard learning

I’m not practicing with a very high regularity, but I’m managing a few sessions a week, which is progressing me at an okay pace. So far I’ve totalled about 8 hours of cumulative practice, which brought me to about two thirds of the lowercase keyboard at good accuracy and speed.

My test with keyboards and layout variants is whether I can confidently enter my passphrases into terminal prompts (which offer absolutely zero input feedback). Once I can achieve that, generally, I can use the keyboard for everyday tasks and will get better much faster thus. I’m obviously not there yet.