This is not a coming out

11 October 2014

When I try to determine how I feel about my gender in words, I go to the Genderqueer wikipedia page. The article itself has a list of five ways someone who is genderqueer may identify; it also has a nice aside listing every genderkind known to wikipedia, and it references this list of Facebook genders. Generally speaking, I do not identify with any of these, including the genderqueer, genderfluid, nonconforming, questioning, variant, neither, male, female, or pangender kinds. The only label that possibly applies is “other” but that’s not helpful at all.

I have no gender-related dysphoria. I am physically male and totally comfortable that way. Mostly, I do not care about gender. My gender, I mean. When I prod the ‘gender’ field in my brain’s information table, I get a E_NULL_POINTER error. If you want to use gendered or non-gendered pronouns of any kind or shape to refer to me, please go right ahead. Similarly with gendered grammars. The only pronoun I may take offense at, in English (and other languages if equivalent but I don’t know them) is “it”, unless it’s part of a metaphor or something. There’s just one rule, and it’s not even gender-related: make it consistent.

Otherwise it may be confusing.

Now stop reading my silly blog and go support people who actually need it!