March 2018


I’ve been writing a prototype/MVP for a server agent that uses an on-demand cluster-wide consensus algorithm rather than a Raft-like always-on consensus of only a few master nodes plus a bunch of clients.

I have set myself fairly strict resource limits so that it can be set up easily from one to many hundred machines, and use the least amount of memory it comfortably can so it can be deployed to 512MB VMs (or even those tiny 256MB ARM servers that some hosts in Europe offer) without eating half the machine’s RAM.

The goal is to be able to monitor and manage any number of machines, or even to use it locally for development, testing, or tooling purposes.

Beyond the software itself, the project is a way to get a lot more comfortable with as well as learn more about networking, distributed setups, and protocol design + parsing.

The repo is here:

And I’ve been tweeting about development here: