4 December 2017

I think I’ve finally figured out a name for my gender identity thing that feels okay. Not super great. But… okay.

I’m not enby. Like, I’m technically non-binary, agender something, but also like no. I’m not taking this label for myself. I feel like I would be taking space away from others if I used that. I don’t have most of the issues and struggles I see and witness other non-binaries go through.

I’m not discriminated against in any real way. I don’t have gender-related dysphoria, or maybe just a tiny bit that I’m not completely sure is really about gender at all. It’s hard to tell.

So it feels like you’re all this giant awesome fucked up family and I’m the one well-adjusted person in the middle of it.

So I’m guy-adjacent.

I don’t particularly like the word guy? But it works here in a way “man-adjacent” doesn’t. I’m not a guy. I’m… adjacent.