Reading archive

Starting from 2016 I kept track of the large amounts of fanfiction I read, and occasionnally original fiction, non-fiction, comics, BD, etc.

For fanfiction, I also kept track of the words (for ongoing works, “at time of writing”, marked “atow” in the listings), aka the length of the work, mostly because it was trivial to do so. It’s much less trivial for other form factors, so I didn’t keep track. Word counts and totals are at time of record. I don’t keep track of how much I read in updates after the record, though by sampling I estimate it hovers around an additional half a million words per month.

Historically, these reading archives were part of “monthly updates,” but during the last migration of this website, I split all of it out. See the Progress Updates section for the rest of it.

Bolded entries are “very good” and “recommended” though I will note all of them were marked such at the time of record, and it’s unlikely I stand by these recommendations in the present.

Fics are tagged by fandom, with various abbreviations. These should be more or less obvious.