August 2017


As usual, only “good enough to be listed” newly-read fics are, well, listed, and not everything I’ve read during the month. Especially recommended fics are in bold.

  • {HP} the family potter. {10k words}

  • {HP} There May Be Some Collateral Damage. {61k words}

  • {HP/Buffy} It’s All Relative on the Hellmouth. {112k words}

  • {LotR/HP} The Shadow of Angmar. {154k words atow}

  • {HP} The Black Prince. {139k words atow}

  • {HP} A Long Journey Home.

    The premise is the most interesting I’ve read in a while, even in the already crowded genre of time travel, and even counting time travel closing-the-loop fics of the same order of magnitude on the time scale. Which, by the way, another very good fic which comes close to the premise and scale is one recommended last month, the Of a Linear Circle series.

    However, A Long Journey Home shines by its radically different story-telling, a sequence of extended vignettes in the long life of one Jasmine Potter, showing many stories and histories, each standing alone with grace and yet much richer for its part in the whole. The theories and explorations its characters go through, both personally and of magic, are rendered beautifully and yet without glamouring or wonderwashing, and without the praise-science-preach-science approach of ‘conventional’ rationalist fiction.

    And yes, this is rationalist fiction, but embedded in great writing as an integral part of the work, instead of using the work as a mere transport. {203k words atow}

  • {HP} Applied Cultural Anthropology, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cruciatus. {162k words atow}

  • {GoT} Blackfish Out Of Water. {97k words atow}

  • {SW} Ad Utrumque Paratus. {19k words atow}

  • {SW} people think the strangest things. {4k words}

  • {SW} Lost Reflections. {31k words atow}