2017: summary

From the future (Sep 2021): that year was the first I started keeping detailed reading records, and I gradually went from individual commentary / review to a simple listing, which format has perdured to this day.


Words of fanfic read per month, based on the monthly update posts. Thus the figure is low-balled as the posts don’t include fics I read but didn’t like, nor the updates for incomplete works I follow. And it of course doesn’t include all I read that wasn’t fanfic.

  • December 2016 → January 2017: 5,399k
  • January → February: 6,416k
  • February → March: 2,964k
  • March → April: 2,199k
  • April → May: 3,325k
  • May → June: 2,567k
  • June → July: 1,969k
  • July → August: 992k
  • August → September: 1,727k
  • September → October: 1,868k
  • October → November: 876k
  • November → December: 1,382k

(Total: 31,684k)