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  • Pronouns

    • in English: I’ve long described myself as “pronoun-agnostic” (which is a bit of an abuse of the term “agnostic”), which most people know as “any pronouns.” While that’s still true, in practice I prefer they/them and also respond to he/him. She/xem/peh/hie/zir etc are fine if you want to for some reason.

    • in French and other gendered languages or languages with only an impersonal neuter: in the absence of good consensus for gender-neutral language, I prefer masculine forms. If there is a well-accepted neutral neo-pronoun I prefer its use alongside masculine forms. E.g. iel in French, with il as fallback, but αυτός/αυτοί in Greek rather than τό.

    • in Māori and other languages with (or with only) a personal neuter: that’s easy. Use it! (For example: ia (Te Reo), O (Turkish), em (PNG), etc…