Mijia Hang

  • Material: PLA
  • Print time: 4-5 hours
  • Raft/supports: no

This is a two-piece bird-cage-shaped hanging enclosure that I designed to house a Xiaomi / Mijia Temperature + Humidity sensor. The sensor costs $10-$20 depending where you get it from, can easily be flashed with custom firmware, is powered from a single 2032, and is trivial to hook up to Home Assistant.

However, it’s an indoors device. I wanted to measure outdoor temperature for comparison, so I made this box which can be hung under eaves or from a hook (preferably somewhere shaded, but works okay with sun exposure too). The bottom can be removed by rotating it until it aligns with the slots; that provides access so the battery can be changed easily.

The sides of the case is pierced with 31 holes, which are angled so rain cannot penetrate. They are arranged in three rows, of 7, 11, and 13 holes. This is one of my favourite pattern tricks: because the amount of holes are prime numbers, the overall pattern doesn’t repeat or align: it would take the product of the three numbers, 1001 intervals, to see a repeat or alignment.