Félix Saparelli

a.k.a. passcod

Here is an archive of the avatars I have used. Since 2015, I commission my avatars from artists with a very loose mandate, letting them do whatever they want within as few parameters as I need. Generally, no detail beyond sizing was requested, although the exact brief varied for each artist.

Bast Lighthouse

Commissioned from PepperRaccoon in


Commissioned from Tayruu in


Commissioned from Huriana Kopeke-Te Aho in


Commissioned from Sarah Lund in

Cup Cat

Commissioned from Azu in

Snowl Herder

Commissioned from Eoghan Kerrigan in

This was an experiment in commissioning larger pieces and selecting a crop myself for the avatar itself. While I'm pleased with the results, I'm not sure whether I'll continue with this format going forwards. You can see the larger artwork by clicking on the avatar image.


Commissioned from Luke in

ACLU sketch

Obtained as a donation reward for the ACLU. Only worn on Twitter for the month of

Into Space

Commissioned from Alison Graham in

Nekudotayim Three

Commissioned from Daniel Silva in

Hearty Hug

Commissioned from Sam Orchard in

Demon mask bird

Commissioned from Anne Szabla in

Sailor whale

Commissioned from Sara Goetter in


Beaver with a jetpack

Commissioned from Mason Williams a.k.a. Tailsteak in

Léa and me


Close-up of me


Blue screen of code