Blue Orange cocktail

  1. Ice a glass. Use large ice cubes if you have some; the ice is not consumed here, it’s used to cool the drink and keep it ice-cold while it’s drunk.

  2. Half a teaspoon of salt. I prefer coarse salt, or possibly fleur de sel if I have some to spare.

  3. One teaspoon of granulated sugar. Simple syrup can also work.

  4. Half a shot lime juice.

  5. One shot Cointreau. I say one shot because it’s fairly easy to remember and make with a standard jigger but really the drink benefits from a bit less Cointreu, so you can do instead: half a shot Cointreau and a quarter shot overproof rum agricole.

  6. Half a shot orange blossom water. Again this is the “easy” measure, but it should be a bit less than the lime to not be overpowering.

  7. Top with soda water. Or still, as one likes.

  8. Stir once. You want to lightly distribute the flavours but not homogenise.

  9. Garnish with violet flowers. Or mint, that works too.

Drink from the top down (no straws). If you use a straw you’ll get the salt immediately, but you don’t want that until the end, as the cocktail’s final note.