Félix Saparelli

a.k.a. passcod

Software engineer from New Zealand. Avid (fan)fiction devourer. Writer of poetry and prose. Pronoun-agnostic. I have been called a Git Lord. Codesmith journeyman in JS, PHP, Ruby, Rust.

Notable Works

$ cargo watch // A watcher for Cargo/Rust

Notify A filesystem watcher Rust library

DynWorker A WebWorker framework


Blog Contains tech, prose, and poetry

Avatars The avatars I use and have used

McKay Ltd My current employer


Twitter My main social venue

GitHub Ruby, Rust, Node, Web, and other things

WeAllJS Awesome web community Slack (JS-focused but not only)

Twitter account authentication

Inspired by 0xabadidea, if I ever lose control of my Twitter account, I will authenticate the new one, or prove my having recovered the old one, by decoding the hash

(tweet), which is also now here in the git history.