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Félix Saparelli

a.k.a. passcod

Software engineer looking forward to the betterment of civilisation through sustainable construction and humanist software advances.

Notable Works

$ cargo watch // A watcher for Cargo/Rust

Caskbot An IRC bot

DynWorker A WebWorker framework

Personal & Social

Twitter My main social venue

GitHub Ruby, Rust, Node, Web, and other things

IRC Freenode: #lesswrong, #lw-prog, #ualug

Keybase GPG key and identity proofs

Blog Contains tech, prose, and poetry

Tumblr Mostly reblogs. Not updated often

Prose is code for the soul Various shorts

McKay Ltd My current employer


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Pinboard Read links I recommend

Lichess Play chess with me

Gittip Encourage me to continue my works