Félix Saparelli

a.k.a. passcod

Software engineer from New Zealand. Avid (fan)fiction devourer. Coder. Reader. Writer. Pronoun-agnostic. I do JS, PHP, Ruby, Rust, a smattering of others. I like designing systems.

Selected Works

Watchexec A CLI tool to watch files and run commands

Cargo Watch A watcher for Cargo projects

i expected badass wizards of legends and this is what i find Star Wars fanfiction


Avatars The avatars I use and have used

Uber My current employer (not the taxi company!)


Twitter My main social venue

GitHub Ruby, Rust, Node, Web, and other things

NZ NaNo Discord Local writer community

Twitter account authentication

Inspired by 0xabadidea, if I ever lose control of my Twitter account, I will authenticate the new one, or prove my having recovered the old one, by decoding the hash

(tweet), which is also now here in the git history.