Social media blocks

I am a fairly prolific blocker on Twitter. I may also block people on other platforms, but I don’t really use other platforms as I do this one.

On this page:

See also my musings on automated unblocking.

Current block reasons

On Twitter

  • I don’t like you.

  • You’re an asshole to someone I like.

  • You are or support or have voted for a white supremacist, fascist, or other people who are existential threats to me or my friends.

  • You proselytise. Specifically religion, cults, parareligion, or cryptocoin.

  • You’re a transphobe, a sexist, a homophobe of various stripes, an unrepentant racist, etc.

  • You’re a troll. I don’t mean shitposting.

  • You’re such a “good” shitposter that you’re indistinguishable from a troll.

  • You promoted a tweet I saw. There are exceptions if I genuinely liked the tweet.

  • You are frequently engaged in bad-faith argumentating with people I follow.

  • You had a viral tweet and posted those “sparkly lights” or whatever shitty promotion underneath.

  • You’re a COVID, vaccine, climate change, etc denier.

  • You’re a brand or mainstream american news site.

  • You’re one of those services that “unroll” tweet threads. Please don’t use these.

    All they do is take people’s content and host it elsewhere, where the person has no control, and then they put their own ads on it, so they literally make money off people’s content without their consent. They also bypass blocks (i.e. someone I’ve blocked can read my tweets on a thread unroll).

  • You’re one of these services that provide a link to download videos off tweets.

    These are marginally better than the above, and some provide direct links which isn’t so bad. However many do still rehost, bypass, and serve ads. I can’t tell the difference (and it might change later) so I block outright. Use a website that does that without using the reply-and-tag bots, that’s fine.

Historical block reasons and block happenstance

On Twitter

  • You were on one of several third-party generated blocklists around 2015.

    These are the majority of wrongful blocks, as they were quite overzealous and of course the scale was very large.

  • You followed some particularly nasty people in 2018-2019, when I ran some block scripts against their followers.

  • You blocked me.

    I used to operate under a policy of mutual-blocking, that is, if I noticed you blocked me, I would block back. I’m not doing that anymore, and should have reversed all of these, but it’s possible I missed some.

On Spotify

These would be current if blocking artists was still a thing.

  • You’re an artist who is racist, homophobic, or unapologetically sexist.
  • You’re an artist who financially supported Trump

Getting unblocked

I don’t think I’m sought after enough that this is thing, but, just in case.

  • If we have a mutual in common, you can maybe try to go through them. If they’re okay with it. Don’t fucking harass my friends in trying to get unblocked from me, though, that’s only going to get you blocked harder. You can send me mail. You can contact me on other platforms. You have to be aware, though, that there’s a very high chance I’ll take any such actions extremely suspiciously, even as I outline them on here. Maybe if you really want to (for what reason? I’m not very interesting), and it’s a last resort.

  • Specifically on Twitter: the most likely way to get unblocked is to just keep on having interesting conversations with my friends, and chances are I’ll happen upon them, see the block, figure it was a false-positive, and unblock you.