Félix Saparelli


I generate GPG keys that have an expiry date. New keys are signed using old keys and and old keys are signed using new keys to ensure trust is kept continuous. Keys are named passcodNN, where NN is the number of the key. Keys 00 to 02 were lost in a previous disk disaster.

I use keybase, where you can see obtain my current public key, and view proofs of ownership of various internet accounts, including this website.

Since 2015, I also use subkeys with a shorter expiration. Check the keyservers for these.


Key: signed by 04.

Revocation: signed by 04.

pub   4096R/C2C15214 2012-09-26 [expired: 2013-03-25]
key   FE31 5C83 9FC5 0618 A49B  AEE3 8487 3386 C2C1 5214
uid   Felix Saparelli (:passcod) <me@passcod.net>


Key: signed by 03, signed by 05.

Revocation: signed by 05.

pub   4096R/3C51B6EB 2013-03-27 [expired: 2014-03-27]
key   0417 E9C8 3281 CB17 E7CB  B0EA AE48 6FBE 3C51 B6EB
uid   Felix Saparelli (:passcod) <me@passcod.name>


Key: signed by 04, signed by 06.

Revocation: signed by 06.

pub   4096R/AE1ED85D 2014-03-27 [expires: 2015-03-27]
key   E49C 3114 2E3D 10A4 69F0  86DC 6B09 4637 AE1E D85D
uid   Félix Saparelli (:passcod) <felix@passcod.name>


Key: signed by 05.

pub   4096R/E44FC474 2015-04-11 [expires: 2025-04-08]
key   C24C ED9C 5790 0009 12F3  BAB4 B948 C4BA E44F C474
uid   Félix Saparelli (:passcod) <felix@passcod.name>